Halloween Attire

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

Although I am slightly highly averse to the cooling temperatures, the changing of seasons brings with it one very welcome holiday that almost makes up for the absence of summer: Halloween. Having already decorated my house with glittery black skulls and sparkling light up pumpkins, I thought it time to examine my Halloween wardrobe. Nothing is more Halloween appropriate than VeraMeat’s vampire fang duster or Jagger Edge’s beautiful pumpkin colored iPhone case. The following pieces, all made in the U.S., are among my favorite Halloween-esque looks.

1. Rory Beca Brandano Sweater Jacket $247, Made in USA.
2. Chaser Watercolor Skull Tee $54, Made in USA.
3. DANNIJO Bea Necklace $945, Made in New York, New York.
4. J Brand Ali in Terra Cotta $218, Made in Los Angeles, California.
5. VeraMeat Vampire Duster $200, Made in New York, New York.
6. Jagger Edge Montana Studded iPhone Cover in Orange $98, Made in California.
7. Emily Elizabeth Skull Studs $30, Made in New York, New York.
8. DANNIJO Oksana Earrings $420, Made in New York, New York.
9. Emily Elizabeth Rock & Roll Bangle $125 $95, Made in New York, New York.

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10 Responses to Halloween Attire

  1. I’m highly averse to the colder weather too, and I live in Canada. It’s supposed to snow next week!

    These outfits and accessories are super cute! Those teeth are pretty scary though!

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  3. Plami says:

    OMG I love the clutch and that statement necklace!



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  5. theComplex says:

    Congrats on being selected for IFB’s link roundup this week! I really want that Bea necklace – gorgeous pick.

  6. Congrats on making the Links a la Mode!

    Best, Jenny


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