American Made Holiday Dress Guide

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

The coming weeks are sure to bring with them a slew of parties and soirees to attend, and being that New Years Eve is a. one of my favorite holidays and b. a mere two weeks away, I thought it only necessary to offer up some dress suggestions. Regardless of where you wear these American-made dresses this holiday season, you can rest assured your fashion choices will be doing their small part to aid the American economy.1. Dolan Drop Waist Dress $360, Made in USA.
2. Odylyne Vireo Tunic Dress $396, Made in USA.
3. Dolan Floral Dress $126.70, Made in USA.
4. Mason by Michelle Mason Asymmetrical Dress $374, Made in USA.
5. Mason by Michelle Mason Long Sleeve Dress with Asymmetrical Hem $123.20, Made in USA.
6. Adam Long Sleeve Fitted Sequin Dress $346.50, Made in USA.

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2 Responses to American Made Holiday Dress Guide

  1. chris says:

    As much as I want to purchase made in america, it’s hard to find. I’m a senior, but still working, and I can’t wear the stuff you’re showing. How about some real work clothes?

  2. betsy says:

    My favorite is the Dolan drop waist dress. Gotta have sparkly for New Year’s Eve!

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