Holiday Gift Guide for your Boyfriend

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

Buying gifts for guys tends to be among one of the hardest gift-giving endeavors. There are four standard gifts every girlfriend gives her boyfriend before she inevitably runs out of ideas: wallet, watch, tie and some sort of electronic. This holiday season in an effort to buy my boyfriend (and everyone else on my gift-giving list for that matter) American-made goods, I assembled a lineup of items that are sure to please the man in your life. Be forewarned that two of the four aforementioned gifts made the cut.

1. Tom Bihn Aeronaut (seen  here) $240, Made in Seattle, Washington.
2. Wassokeag (seen here) Mens Deerskin Lined Bullhide Soft Sole Moccasin Made in Dexter, Maine.
3. David Hart & Co. Ties $130, Made in NYC.
4. J.Crew Leather Laces $6, Made in USA.
5. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man front pocket wallet $90, Made in USA.
6. Alex Maine Knit Hoodie 4 Button – Pepper Heather $108, Made in Los Angeles.
7. Urban Outfitters Monsieur Mustache Pint $8 or 2 for $10, Made in USA.
8. Homage Buckeye Nuthouse Crewneck$48, Made in USA.
9. Topo Klettersack Backpack $139, Made in USA.

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5 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide for your Boyfriend

  1. betsy says:

    So many great gift ideas here. I especially love the Buckeye Nuthouse Crewneck from Homage. Thanks for making the impossible feat of boyfriend shopping easier!

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  3. Going Green says:

    I wish buying American was easier, thanks for putting together some options for us during the holiday times. Might just want the Moccasins myself.

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