Fashion Week Spring 2013, Homegrown Style

As thousands of fashion editors, industry vets and buyers descended upon New York City for fashion week, more than 80 designers presented their Spring 2013 Collections. Many emerging designers (Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang) and well-respected veterans (Alexander Wang) sent their collections down the runway, setting upcoming trends and dictating what will line store shelves in the upcoming months. Some of the world’s most respected lines are presented during New York Fashion Week, and despite the fact that numerous facililites in the Garment District have fallen by the wayside, New York is still largely considered the fashion capital of the world. The Garment District may be down, but it certainly is not out, as evidenced by the designers below who continue to produce all, or in many cases, most of their garments in NYC.
The entire collections can be viewed on

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One Response to Fashion Week Spring 2013, Homegrown Style

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay, I’m thrilled you covered this! I am loving all these looks, especially the floral prints trend. All the designers manufacturing out of the Garment District are so inspiring and need our support to maintain their historic space.

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