Be this for Halloween: Veronica Corningstone

I first saw Anchorman in theaters eight years ago. It’s the kind of movie that edges its way into your heart a little more with each viewing, as all great comedies should. The irreverent, sexist dialogue and cheeky plotline make the movie a goldmine of one-liners. Will Ferrrell will reprise his role as Ron Burgundy in 2013 despite some setbacks – the plug was temporarily pulled on the sequel in 2010 – but all of you lovers of poetry, scotch and Baxter undoubtedly already know that. Subtitled The Legend Continues, the storyline is very hush-hush, though Director Adam McKay has hinted there will be bowling and a custody battle. The entire cast will be returning to the screen, meaning Veronica Corningstone’s three piece suits, cheap baby blue eye shadow and full-on 70s moxie will continue to uphold San Diego’s level of class. Take a cue from the first lady of news, gender roles be damned, and don Corningstone’s signature power ensemble this Halloween. You’ll be kind of a big deal.1./2./3./4./5./ {All made in the U.S.}

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One Response to Be this for Halloween: Veronica Corningstone

  1. betsy darr says:

    The pieces you found are the perfect likeness to veronica!

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